Title Description
Inside Out New Orleans Inside/Out is a subsidiary of Hart Construction, a design / build firm that has served New Orleans and St. Tammany Parish for the past 30 years. Inside/Out was founded on the principle that traditional services were not keeping pace with a growing public thirst for more integrated outdoor/indoor design. Today, property owners want more than patios and flowers. They want well organized outdoor space with built-ins for cooking, relaxation, and entertaining. They need a contractor that can modify their existing home to accommodate their needs in a well-planned and executed, professional manner. 
Oceanographic Expeditions If you are a diver or just a nature lover, here is a chance for you to have one of the most exciting, rewarding and fun adventures of your underwater career. See what it is like to be an oceanographer as a member of an expedition team learning about our water planet - yet our expeditions are priced to be only slightly more expensive than a comparable dive trip. In this online Expedition Program, you can read about diving with sharks (even Great Whites), exploring the unexplored islands off Panama, experiencing remote areas of Africa, and observing a one-night-a-year marine phenomenon that few humans have ever seen! 

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